In radio, it's pretty much a rule. You're going to have to move around if you want to move up. That said, every rule has an exception. Hear how JD Anderson went from doing overnights for free, to running the whole building, to running the whole province. 

From humble beginnings in The Pas, Manitoba, to a still talked about hit Morning show in Calgary, Alberta, to launching an underdog station that hit big in Toronto, Ontario, Candice Knihnitski has traveled this fine country for love and career. Grab a road map and come on tour with this week's episode of Off Mic!

We kick of 2016 with our 50th episode of Off Mic! To mark the occasion, this week we're talking to JD, 1 half of the CJAY 92 morning show, on blacking out during his first break, breaking mom's heart by leaving her favorite station, and getting to work along side a legend.

From farm life, to the oil patch, Jason Gregor always loved sports. So, one day after realizing that oil money wasn't making him happy, he made the jump to sports radio, and has been a rising star ever since. Hear what the moment was that convinced him to change careers, and his takes on things like the sanctity of the locker room, on Off Mic!

From the morning announcements in school, to the morning zoo in Vancouver, to being one of the biggest names in voice acting in LA, it's been a heck of a trip for David Kaye. We'll talk about why he got in to radio, and why he got out, plus advice for all you aspiring "voice monkeys" out there. It's all this week on Off Mic.

This week, we go across the desk at the private studios of the Humble & Fred show to get the story from the "sidekick" on the show, if you can call it that anymore. How did a young sports broadcaster become part of the biggest show in Toronto? And why we still need so much music? All of this from Fred Patterson this week on Off Mic!

When you have a run in the industry like Humble Howard, you end up with a lot of stories to tell, even if you don't think they're all that interesting. Turns out, they are interesting, as are Howard's thoughts on what Canadian radio needs to do to evolve to the next level, and the differences between terrestrial and satellite radio. Meet the man who swore in front of Anne Murray, this week on Off Mic!

Another story of the weird ways people get in to radio. Imagine sitting at a desk answering phones, and being discovered by a morning show. Now imagine taking that opportunity, and running with it all the way to a major Drive show in Toronto. For Blake, it wasn't always easy, but it was almost always fun. Except for the Santa suit...

A seemingly innocuous gift at an early age would end up shaping the career of one of the biggest names in Canadian radio. From being teased as a music nerd, to being celebrated for one, one of Canada's great story tellers tells his own story.

There's no one right or wrong way to get in to the radio business, this podcast has proved that. But if you were a betting man, you probably wouldn't put much money on someone with nothing but a pile of Twitter followers getting a major market morning gig. Ryder and Hot 107 did bet on Lisa Evans though, and it's paying off big time. 

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